Using Hero Banner

Hero Banner is like a centerpiece of your website, it’s also the first thing visitors see like header when they visit your site and it could influence their opinions. So it’s really important to create unforgettable first impression that keeps folks engaged and scrolling.
To config Hero Banner, please navigate to Customizer -> Hero Banner.

General Settings

Before starting customizing Hero banner, please have a look at this diagram to learn about its elements.

Post Bricks & Post Blocks rely on WP Post Blocks and WP Post Blocks Pro plugin so you make sure it’s installed/activated.

Hero Banner only supports displaying featured posts on Front Page (Custom Home) & Blog page (Page for Posts), you can show it on both page contexts or just one. If you use Pagebuilder to build custom home page, you can also use post bricks/post blocks as Hero Banner on editing page without change enabling Hero banner from Customizer.

So? what are the differences between using Hero Banner from Customizer & using post blocks from your Pagebuilder?

Built-in Hero Banner
* Can be displayed above site header.
* Supports Posts Page.
* Posts will be cached for better performance even when you don’t use caching plugin.

Using Pagebuilder
* Easy to manage Posts if you have complex layout.
* Can’t be displayed above site header.
* Doesn’t support Posts page. But you can use Post block – Theme Loop to replicate the similarity.

What’s the point of having separated Hero Banner options when you can create one using pagebuilder?

Not all users prefer using pagebuilder to build custom layout, some find it bloated and just want a lightweight classic blog, that’s why we have two options. If you don’t want to installed Pagebuilder, you still can use Hero Banner with just WP Post Blocks activated.

Slider, Static & Simple Single Post are theme built-in Hero Banner types, these don’t rely on any plugin.

Post Bricks

Post Bricks hero banner has over 25 layouts with customizable gap sizes, you can also choose its Container style (wide, fluid box, box) to create a unique hero banner.

If you are using Boxed Site layout, we recommend you to use Wide Post Bricks for better appearance!

Here are some examples of using Hero Post Bricks:

To see more options for Post Bricks, check them out in Customizer -> Hero Banner -> Hero Post Bricks.

Post Blocks

Similar to Post Bricks, different designs with complex layout, suitable for classic newspaper site. We have over 10 layout for post blocks with customizable container wrapper, you can choose between box or fluid box same as Post Bricks.

More options can be found in Customizer -> Hero Banner -> Hero Post Blocks.


Here are previews for Hero Slider, two styles:


Previews for Hero Static:

Simple Single Post

Big single post as featured posts with three container style Wide, box, fluid box. Here are some previews: