To translate the theme to your language, you can also useĀ Poedit, this is an open source tool and available on major OS such as Windows, MacOS, or Linux.


Newsbeat comes with POT template which contains strings for translation, you can find it in theme directory/languages/newsbeat.pot. Here’s how it look like in POedit:

To create new translation for specific language, let’s assume you want to translate the theme into Spanish (Spain), click button Create New Translation and will be asked to choose your language like this:

After choosing language, POedit will generate new translation files based on strings from original POT file, and ready to be translated:

After done translating, let’s save it. POedit generates default name for translation files from your selected language by default. Once you save, POEdit will automatically creates a .mo file alongside your .po file, and you can also re-edit later.

Now you need to rename these files by prepending theme slug newsbeat followed by a dash like this:

The filename of your .po is crucial, because WordPress will choose which translation files to load based on your settings from site language.

Alright, the next step is installing translations by copying/uploading above files to your site wp-content/languages/themes then you are almost done. Go to your Admin backend and choose preferred language from dropdown in Settings -> General -> Site Language.

That’s it!