Setting up Archive pages

General archive pages

Options in Customizer -> Template Settings -> Archive Pages are for pages such as Author, Tags, Years, Months…These pages don’t have top posts (hero posts) like category pages, you just can change content/sidebar layout, and Posts Layout.

Category pages

Here is an example of Category Pages:

Category pages support Top Posts (aka Hero posts) with over 40 layouts, this section works similarly like Hero Banner for Front Page/Blog Page but options have been simplified. By default, Category Top Posts will display the latest posts, you can also list custom posts on Category Top Posts section by tags or excluded posts those listed on Category Top Posts from Main Category posts loop. Individual Category can also have different Top Posts Layout or Content/Sidebar layout from each others, this can be done by overwriting Top Posts Layout in Category Edit Page.

Note: If number of posts retrieved is less than selected layout’s, Category Top Posts won’t show up.

You can find all options for category pages in Customizer -> Template Settings -> Category.