Infinity Scroll

Newsbeat supports displaying posts infinitely in different page contexts, let’s see which pages you can use infinite scroll feature.

Custom Homepage

If you use custom layout created by pagebuilder such as Elementor or WP Bakery Pagebuilder and replicate the same feature/layout as blog/archive page, this can be done by combining post block Theme Loop with infinite scroll navigation in Element/Widget settings -> General -> Pagination Nav, choose your prefered infinite scroll option.

for live preview, click here

Blog & Archive

The theme relies on Jetpack’s infinite scroll feature so you will need to have Jetpack installed & activated. To enable infinite scroll, please navigate to Jetpack menu from the admin sidebar in backend Jetpack -> Settings and search for infinite scroll using search box:

and here are different looks for above settings:

Default post navigation can be changed changed to numeric numbers based on your preference in Customizer -> Template Settings -> Blog page -> Posts Pagination nav.

Single Post

To enable infinite scroll feature for Single Post, you need to have plugin wpthms – Newsbeat – Addon: Neva Ending Single Post installed & activated, this is an add-on relies on Jetpack infinite scroll, written specifically for Newsbeat so make sure Jetpack Infinite scroll is enabled (must be Load more posts in page with a button or Load more posts as the reader scrolls down).

To turn on/off infinite scroll feature for single post, you can go to Settings -> Reading -> and look for an option Never ending single post, note that if Jetpack Infinite scroll is not enabled, this option will be gray out and can be changed.

Posts from the same category of current post will be loaded infinitely as you scrolled. if your current single post template has sidebar, newsbeat will load ajax sidebar instead of main sidebar, follow below instruction to add your content to ajax sidebar:

You need to have WP Custom Sidebars installed & activated to create a custom sidebar.

Step 1: Go to Appearance -> Sidebars and create a new sidebar named Ajax like this:

Important: your sidebar must be named Ajax as above.

then you are now able to add your ad content throght Appearance -> Widgets -> Ajax just like this:

See it in action.