Importing Demo data

To Import demo data, please navigate to Newsbeat menu item on admin sidebar, then Demos Importer then you will see a page like this:

You will be asked to confirm demo installation notice everytime you hit install or uninstall to allow the theme to make temporary changes to your site.

Here are options you can choose when installing a demo:

  • option: Demo Type:
    • Full demo: Make a copy of our original demo, this option might take a while to download content such as images, videos…
    • Lite demo: Dummy data will be similar to Full demo but all images will be replaced with blank images. Installation time is much faster.
    • Micro demo: Best option for migrating to Newsbeat. Only Sample Pages, Sidebars, Widgets and Customizer Settings will be installed. (available in in Newsbeat v1.0.3)
    • Settings only: Suitable for live site with old data, this option only installs customizer settings such as layout, header, templates, colors…
  • option: Homepage:
    • Homepage variations as shown on live demo, pick the favorite one to use as Front Page before hitting install button, this option only works with Micro, Lite & Full demo types.

Re-configurating Demo

To change front page, navigate to Settings -> Reading, select your favorite home page from Your homepage displays -> A static page (select below) -> Homepage.

See also: Setting up Homepage.

To customize settings , navigate to Appearance -> Customize, or you can find a shortcut under Newsbeat Admin Panel

See also: Setting up Homepage, Customize Settings.