Setting up your editor

From WordPress 5.0, brand new editor called Block Editor (aka Gutenberg) will be rolled out and be used as default editor, it’s beautifully fluid and intuitive to use. But if you prefer old school editor, you can still bring it back by installing Classic Editor and make it default under Settings -> Writing Settings. You will still be able to use both editor in parallel as we have switch-editor feature after installed Classic Editor.

Newsbeat supports custom editor style based on your customize settings, selected Typography and Accent color will be also loaded into WordPress editor by default so author/editor can have better and beautiful editing experience. The following screenshots using block editor to demonstrate what you see in your editor will almost be the same to front end:

Editor style contains Google fonts or custom font, you can turn it on/off under Theme Admin panel -> Settings -> Editor.

There are some differences between using Classic Editor and Block Editor:

Classic Editor

  • Quick and simple editing experience
  • Works perfectly with theme’s post templates

Block Editor

  • Intuitive Editing Experience
  • Supports Complex layout & content.
  • Works best with fullwidth content layout.

If you are a noob, we recommend you to check out these links to learn how to use WordPress’s Block Editor