Theme Add-ons

Settings for add-on specifically written for Newsbeat

Reading Indicator

Know how far you have scrolled down an article, supports infinity scrolling articles.

  • Color – Pick your custom color for progress bar.
  • Duotone Gradient Color? – make progress bar looks cooler with duotone gradient color effect.

Sharing Buttons

Where you config how Social Sharing button looks.

  • Style – Change style for sharing buttons.
  • Shape – change shape for sharing buttons.

Animations & Effects

This section contains options to add hover effects to post thumbnail and animation effect for post blocks and post bricks.

Inline Related Posts

Display relevant article(s) to the middle/top/bottom of post content to improve engagement with your audience. This addon is available in Newsbeat v1.0.3.

There are four designs for addon Inline Related Posts, you can also change posts criteria for this section using related categories or tags, place it on the top/middle of the post content, or even after certain number of paragraphs.

Here is a preview: