Hero Banner

Hero Banner is a section for featured posts, it’s like a centerpiece of the site. It only shows on Page for posts (blog page) or Front Page.

You might use Hero Banner for Custom Front Page or disable it and use blocks from Pagebuilder, chose your preferred way.

You might wonder why do we have individual settings for Hero Banner in Customizer and Why not just use Pagebuilder instead? ok it’s good question, the problem is some users prefer classic blog style and don’t want to use Pagebuilder since it’s just an unnecessary plugin to them; that why we have individual settings section allows user to use Hero Banner without Pagebuilder.


All settings for Hero banner designs.


General settings for Hero Banner, options might apply to hero banner designs.

  • Hero Type
  • Show if page – Conditions for showing Hero Banner.
  • Position – Show Hero Banner Before or After Header.
  • Post Info. (above Post Title) – Post meta data info – above post title.
  • Post Info. (below Post Title)
  • Excerpt – Show/hide post excerpt.
  • Rating – Show/hide post Rating.

Hero Post Bricks

Individual Settings for type Post Bricks.


Over 25 layouts for hero post bricks:

Container style

Chose how your bricks will be wrapped, there are 3 styles:

Box style

Box fluid style

Gap size

Change gap size between bricks, you can also remove it.

Small title?

Make brick titles smaller

Special number

Specialize the very first word if it is numeric number.

Title text top?

Move title to the top of brick.

Title bg

Add Background for brick title. back text on white or white text on black.

Preview for Hero Bricks (captured from demo Default)

Hero Post Blocks

Individual Settings for hero type Post Blocks.

  • Layout – Layout for Hero Post Blocks, over 10 layouts.
  • Container style – Chose how your posts will be wrapped.
  • Excerpt – Show/Hide post excerpt
  • Thumbnail style – Change aspect ratio for thumbnails.
  • Category Tag on Thumbnail? – Show Category tag on thumbnail.

Preview for Hero Blocks (captured from demo Vivid)

Hero Post Bricks & Hero Post Blocks rely on plugin WP Post Blocks, make sure you have it installed and activated.

Hero Slider

Individual Settings for hero type Slider.

  • Slider Alignment
  • Slider Nav – Change slider nav style.
  • Animation Loop – loop slides or not.

Preview for Hero Slider (captured from demo Vivid)

Hero Static

Individual Settings for hero type Static.

  • Layout – Layout for Hero Static

Preview for Hero Simple (captured from demo Default)

Hero Simple

Individual Settings for hero type Simple.

  • Container style – Chose how your hero post will be wrapped.

Preview for Hero Simple (captured from demo Trendi)

Query Criteria

Where you config where hero banner will retrieve posts from.

  • Exlude Hero posts – Don’t show posts listed on Hero Banner on Blog Post loop.
  • Categories – Retrieve posts by Categories.
  • Tags – Retrieve posts by tags.

If no tags/categories specified, sticky posts will be automatically selected.