General Settings

Before exploring options, please have a look at this diagram to visualize position of sections.

Site Indentity

  • Site Title – Your site title.
  • Tagline – In a few words, explain what this site is about.
  • Image Logo – Custom Image logo. If no Image logo added, site title will be used as text logo instead.
  • Image Logo HD (2x) – HD version of logo in double size for HiDPI screens.
  • Logo Dimension – Logo dimensions.
  • Mini Image Logo – Mini version of Image logo. This will be displayed on mobile screens or some areas.
  • Mini Image Logo HD (2x) – Double size of Mini Image Logo.
  • Logo Mini Dimension
  • Preloader Logo – an image or animation for loading state like ajax content.
  • Image Place Holder – a placeholder, display when your images haven’t loaded completely.
  • Login Logo – Logo for login page, 600px x 170px.
  • Site Icon – Site Icon is a small icon you see on browser tabs, or bookmark bar.

Here’s an example of logo, mini logo, preloader logo


  • Site Layout – Boxed or Wide site layout.


The theme uses WP My Instagram to display feed on your site, this plugin doesn’t even require you to input secret access tokens.

  • Instagram Feed – Show instagram feed on your site, the theme allows you to display instagram content on top or bottom of the site.
  • Instagram Username – Your instagram username, for example your profile URL will look like this, just pick your_username.
  • Instagram Hashtag – You can show √≠ntagram content by tag, no hash #.
  • Limit – Number of instagram images you want to display.
  • Layout – Items per row, if you want to show 12 images on two row just input 12 for limit and 6 for layout or make a simple calculation: limit/row = layout.

The following screenshot was taken from demo Trendi with setting values:

  • Instagram Username: wpthms
  • Layout: 1
  • Limit: 6

Subscribe Form

Where you enable subscribe form before footer, support Mailchimp and Feedburner.

  • Subscribe Form – Check to show Footer Subscribe Form.
  • Mailchimp Form ID – Specifying by typing the name of subscribe form and you will be suggested.

NSFW Warning

You can censor posts with a simple popup message to readers by specifying post tag for NSFW. All posts associated with specified tags will be censored until readers make their descision to view it or skip it.

  • Tags – Specify your custom post tags you want to pop message to readers.
  • Title – Overwrite NSFW heading title, default is #NSFW
  • Message – Your custom NSFW message.

for example, if you have graphic content or 18+ in your post content and tagged your post nsfw or over18, just specify these tags in NSFW Tags field.


This section contains settings for elements/sections located in Header area

Header Style

Newsbeat offer you various header styles, you can change as you wish to make your site look unique and beautiful, combining with Header Layouts. Each style has different hover effect for menu items to fit its design.

Above image is an example of different header styles with the same header layout v3, from top to bottom:

  • Default – Background color inherits from General Accent Color.
  • Secondary – Dark background.
  • Light – White background.
  • Monotone – Kinda mixed of white and black tone.
  • Gray – Light Gray background.
  • No Background – This option will make the whole header area transparent, will look perfect when you have image background for site background (in Styling -> Overall -> Site background image) and/or combining with boxed site layout.

Header Layout

Over 25 Header layouts, with 6 header styles you could have over 150 different header designs.
Wow, does having so many options like this make the theme bloated and slowdown your site? Absolutely no, we use smart css classes to make every lightweight as possible, all we need is swapping header elements and reuse the same css classes. You pick it, we output it.

Here are available headers layout using Header style secondary:

Layout: Default

Layout: v2

Layout: v3

Layout: v4

Layout: v5

Layout: v6

Layout: v7

Layout: v8

Layout: v9

Layout: v10

Layout: v11

Layout: v12

Layout: v13

Layout: v14

Layout: v15

Layout: v16

Layout: v17

Layout: v18

Layout: v19

Layout: v20

Layout: v21

Layout: v22

Layout: v23

Layout: v24

Layout: v25

Layout: Special

Layout: Newspaper

Layout: Shawty

Fluid header

Make your header fluid, inherits the window width. Note that if you use Boxed for Site Layout, header will follow the container width.

Fluid Header Off

Fluid Header On

Dropdown menu trigger

Choose how menu react when you hover/click on menu items those have submenu/megamenu.

Sticky Nav

with default option, the main navigation will be sticked to top of browser window. Smart sticky nav will show when you scroll up and will automatically hide when you scroll down – See it in action

Nav Height

Change Main Menu Navigation height.

Sticky Nav Height

You can also change the height of nav when it sticks.

Current category

A small tag next to Logo indicates what category of current post are you viewing.


  • Secondary Nav Bar – Show/Hide the whole Top Nav Bar
  • Secondary Menu – Show/Hide Top Menu Nav only.
  • Social Media Links – Show/Hide Social Media Links like twitter/facebook/instagram. Your links can be updated via section Subscribe & Connect.
  • Current Date – Show/Hide current date time, usually located on Top Menu Nav and only available for specific header layouts.
  • Login button – Show/Hide Login/Logout button, this can be seen on Main Menu Nav and only available for specific header designs.
  • ** Breadcrumb** – Site Breadcrumb nav between Header & Content to tell you where are you currently at. The theme use Yoast breadcrumb from WordPress SEO by Yoast, make sure this module is enabled in SEO -> Advanced -> Breadcrumbs. For woocommerce pages, the theme will use woocommerce breadcrumb.
  • Global Search button – Change the way search box show up, as a dropdown (default) or a popup.


This section contains settings for elements/sections located in Content area

  • Default Content Layout – Select content/sidebar layout you want to use as default layout for Pages, posts…You can also change individual pages layout to other layouts when creating/editing pages from template dropdown in Page Attributes box.
  • Content/Sidebar design – Change the look for sidebar, content area.
  • Smart Sticky Sidebar – Sticking sidebar intelligently when user scrolls throught the site, available for desktop users – See it in action
  • Hide Sidebar on Mobile Devices – Turn off sidebar for Mobile users.
  • Edge-to-edge Thumbnail – Full width edge to edge thumbnail – Default Blog thumbnail or Post Blocks thumbnails, noticeable on mobile screens and can be seen on some desktop page context.
  • Block/Widget Title Design – with newsbeat you can change widget heading title design to your prefered style, and make the whole look different to other websites.
  • Block/Widget Title size – you can change widget heading title size. These two options will also apply to WP Post Blocks heading titles to make sure everything match the same design style.

Preview of Widget Title Designs:


This section contains settings for elements/sections located in Footer area

  • Footer Style – Working the same way as Header Style does.
  • Fluid footer – Similar to Fluid Header but applies to Footer area including Footer Widgets and Footer Copyright.
  • Footer Layout – Layout designs for site Footer.
  • Footer widgets area – Show/hide Footer sidebars, content can be updated via Appearance -> Widgets.
  • Footer Info – copyright text right below Footer Widgets, allows HTML markups/