WP Post Blocks

WP Post Blocks is an add-on plugin for pagebuilders such as Elementor or WPBakery Pagebuilder, displaying your posts in various layouts with advanced features, supporting ajax navigation & infinite scroll.

Here are some example blocks you can create:

Note that currently, WP Post Blocks only supports displaying articles from post posttype.

What can you do with WP Post Blocks

  • Listing/Excluding posts using categors or tags.
  • Display Posts using custom Time period last 7days, 15days, 30days…
  • Ajax pagination & infinite scroll
  • Capable to select thumbnail style & thumbnail size for posts.


These are available options which can usually be seen almost on all blocks.

  • General – Where you config general settings for block.
    • Block title.
    • Hide title.
    • ID – Specify block id to target styling.
    • Thumbnail style.
    • Thumbnail size.
    • Post Info (Above title)
    • Post Info (Below title)
    • Excerpt Content.
    • Text Alignment
    • Pagination Nav style
    • And other options
  • Query Settings – Where you config posts listing criteria.
    • Categories – List all posts from selected categories, including descendants.
    • Categories in – Use this instead of Categories if you wish not to retrieve posts from descendants of selected categories.
    • Categories not in – Exclude posts from specfic categories.
    • Tags – List posts by tags.
    • Tags not in – Exclude posts from specific tags.
    • Number of posts – This might be overridden or not available for specific blocks on purpose.
    • Offset.
    • Order.
    • Order by.
    • Advanced Order by.
    • Time Period – List posts by time range.
  • Filter – Add non-ajax links nav for block by specifying categories/tags or custom link.
    • Filter by – Categories or tags
    • Filter style – Dropdown/inline list or single url.
  • Styling – Generate custom color style for block.

Depends on specific blocks, options can be unavailable or changed purposely. For example, available options for Bricks blocks or Slider/Carousel might be different to Basic blocks.

Available Blocks

WP Post Block has over 35 different layouts:

Basic Blocks

Basic blocks are simple and can have over one column. Here are examples:

Taxonomy Blocks

These blocks usually contain an area for category/tag name & associated thumbnail. Here are some previews:

Bricks – Hybrid Taxonomy – 1×2
Bricks Taxonomies
Block 16

How to add thumbnail to category or tag? What you need is to use WP Term Images. After installed, you will be able to add custom thumbnail when creating/editing Category or tag.

Slider & Carousel

Display posts as a slider or Carousel, powered by Flexslider. With Carousel, number of posts showing can be configurated, and automatically adjusted on different screen sizes.

Extra options for Slider & Carousel:

  • Slider Animation (Slider only)
  • Slider Autoplay
  • Slider Navigation
  • Number of items per slide
Block Slider
Block Carousel


Bricks blocks are blocks with title and content overlay on a post thumbnail. Here are extra options for bricks blocks:

  • Bricks Gap – Change gap size between bricks.
  • Bricks on small screen sizes – Display post bricks inline or a vertical list on mobile.
  • Special number – If the first word of post brick’s title is numeric numbers, specialize it.
  • Set Vertical text content alignment to top.
  • Bricks title background – change style for titles of bricks.

Here’s an example for bricks block.

How to use?

WP Post Blocks is made specifically for WPBakery Pagebuilder (formerly Visual Composer) & Elementor so you will need these plugins to use it. You can also use shortcodes but it kinda complicated and inconvinient so we would recommend you to use one of these two pagebuilders to insert blocks.


To add post blocks using Elementor, you can use search box or scroll down to find desired block and drag and drop onto your page. then you will be able to configure dropped block.

WPBakery Pagebuilder

After installed WP Post Blocks plugin, post blocks will be registered and ready for you in Elements panel:

Click block you want to add, and settings popup will open right immediately for you.

One extra feature you get when you use WP Post Blocks with WPBakery Pagebuilder is copying block shortcode generated by pagebuilder. Double click on block area and you will be able to copy block shortcode that you configurated and display it in sidebar using text widget, like this: